Pilgrimage Opportunities

Strengthen Your Connection With the Lord

There are many ways to reinforce one’s relationship with the Lord, and going on a pilgrimage is one of them. If you wish to go on a spiritual pilgrimage, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Ministries in Tucson, AZ offers religious journey opportunities for you to fulfil your role as a true disciple of God. Grab this chance to go on an organized pilgrimage to get a deeper understanding of your faith.

Closer Encounter of a Divine Nature: a spiritual journey for priests

 Mission Statement: Jesus Mary and Joseph Ministries is committed to providing pilgrimages (not vacations) to all people. This is only possible through the intercession  of Our Blessed Mother, under the title of ROSA MYSTICA, patroness of Priests and Religious, who guides us all the way.

Our ministry is unique in that as the Spiritual Director of our Pilgrimages, it will be your pilgrimage as well. Once the destination has been determined, I  handle all the business/arrangements , and lead the pilgrimages personally. This allows you to have your own spiritual experience with no worries.

  The Ministry will pay ALL your travel expenses as per the itinerary including ALL travel, meals and accommodations to any spiritual destination in the world,. YOUR choice destination will also become YOUR PILGRIMAGE. . You only need to bring spending money for your personal shopping. If lunch is not provided on the itinerary, the expenses will be taken care of by us, or anyone on the pilgrimage that would like to join you. I like to be flexible to allow what you choose to do.

With your destination in mind, we will plan the entire itinerary for you, arrange for tours, reserve chapels/churches for Mass (all Mass items and vestments are provided by the churches). You only have to bring a stole and alb in case we have no church available. I WILL HAVE EVERYTHING ELSE YOU WILL NEED FOR THE MASS WITH ME.

These are the only prerequisites that you must have: A valid passport and a document verifying you are a Priest..

The only thing asked of you is to direct the spirituality of the group, including Mass every day, lead the Rosary, listen to confessions, and any other devotions you choose to do. I would ask that you help us advertise the pilgrimage to help us obtain the minimum number of people so that this Ministry does not have to make up any difference. This is important because the finances are based on numbers, and as we are nonprofit it is important to at least break even.

For a more in depth view, please visit the rest of the website for the current listings of the pilgrimages that are planned for 2017-18. As there is a constant need of  the pilgrims to have a spiritual journey that will be meaningful and uplifting to them , that is where your gifts as a Priest will be most appreciated.



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Accomplish one of your responsibilities as a true follower of the Lord and start planning your journey towards spiritual realization. If you wish to learn more about the other pilgrimage opportunities we offer, please don’t hesitate to call or send us a message. We are more than glad to become an instrument in fulfilling your Christian mission.