Lourdes, Spain, Fatima - April 2015

Lourdes, Spain, Fatima Pilgrimage 2015Lourdes, Spain, and Fatima Pilgrimage 2015

April 20 - May 5 2015

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Egypt-Holy Land - May 2015

Egypt and Jerusalem - Holy Land Egypt Pilgrimage by JMJ Ministries in Tucson Arizona

JMJ Egypt and Holy Land 
Pilgrimage May 2015

May 18 through June 1, 2015

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Italy to Medjugorje - Sept 2015

Rome Pilgrimage 2015

Italy to Medjugorje

September 2015

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Welcome to the JMJ Ministries Website!

The mission of Jesus Mary and Joseph Ministries is to serve the community of Tucson, Arizona and beyond with the presentation of faithful Catholic spirituality, prayer and education by providing a center for Catholic outreach and evangelization in obedience to the prayer of Christ our Lord.

John 17:21 "...that they all may be one as you Father are in me and I in you that they also may be in us that the WORLD may know that you sent me..."

This is only possible through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is the patroness of this Ministry along with Saint Joseph, Saint Anthony and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

JMJ is not connected to any Diocese or Church and relies on private donations.



Jesus Mary And Joseph Ministries

JMJ's Rosa Mystica and Shield

Rosa Mystica Shield

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Prayer 2014

During this year of 2014, we ask you Lord Jesus, empty us of ourselves. Rid us of our willfulness, our sinfulness, our pride. Free us from all worry and anxiety. Refashion our hearts and our minds in your own image so that we may love the Father’s will. May we love you with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. To be always alert and watchful and let our lives be governed by your holy peace. May we live hidden in you as once you were hidden in the womb of your Mother so that we may be “carriers of God” as she was. We ask for the grace to live this year in a spirit of praise, for praise is that form of prayer which recognizes that God is God.

We stand before you, Holy  Spirit,
conscious of our sinfulness,
but aware that we gather in your name.
Come to us, remain with us,
and enlighten our hearts.
Give us light and strength
to know your will,
to make it our own,
and to live it in our lives.
Guide us by your wisdom,
support us by your power,
for you are God,
the glory of Father and Son.

You desire justice for all:
enable us to uphold the rights of others;
do not allow us to be misled by ignorance
or corrupted by fear or favor.
Unite us to yourself in the bond of love
and keep us faithful to all that is true.
As we gather in your name
may we temper justice with love,
so that all our decisions
may be pleasing to you,
and earn the reward
promised to good and faithful servants.
You live and reign with the Father and the Son, one God, for ever and ever...AMEN

Saint Isidore of Seville


May you Lord Jesus, Our Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, St. Padre Pio and all the angels and saints please intercede for us to renew our faith and hope for the fullness of freedom, peace and love in this coming new year and from the Prophet Isaiah may we learn from God “what is for our good, and let Him lead us on the way we should go because if we hearken to His commandments, our PROSPERITY would be like a river, and our vindication like the waves of the sea; Our descendants would be like the sand, and those born of our stock like its grains, their name will never be cut off or blotted out from His presence.”

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